Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another Year, Another Competition

It’s the beginning of the year, so people like to make new years resolutions and start fresh with a clean slate. Many people have a common goal of wanting to get in shape and/or lose weight during the new year. This is no different at work, so we have decided to do another “Biggest Loser” competition. This one will be slightly shorter (6 weeks rather than 8), from Jan 3rd to Feb 14th. I made it through the holidays without gaining weight, so now I will jumpstart the new year with a good kick in the butt from my competitive side. Without the temptations from all the good foods that the holidays bring, this should make it a little easier to eat better.

Because I set my health goals last year, I would like to do a re-cap of those and see where I am at and make new ones or extend the goals I had previously.

Previous Goals:

-          Lose 30 pounds (done and done! I have lost 55 so far)
-          Run a full mile (the most I have ran without stopping is about 5 miles)
-          Try a new healthy recipe at least once a month (this was very difficult to maintain due to lack of time.)
-          Activate Gym membership (done!)
-          Get magazine and start taking advantage of the great tips they have to offer. (done but I could probably read this magazine a little more)
-          Continue to do my work-out video on Thursdays and find new ones (I believe this was a video I found on Netflix. I did not continue that one but I have found lots of other work-outs, including games on my Wii console)
-          Look at getting new running shoes (this has been done and I love them. However, with how much I run, I will probably need new ones in a couple months)
-          Buy an alarm clock (this is done but I think the purpose of this was to get up in the morning to run. This has proven to be difficult because the sun isn’t rising early enough for me to run. I might need to come up with another game plan for morning work-outs).

New Goals:

-          Lose 35 pounds by the end of the year
-          For Distance- be able to run a 10k without stopping.
-          For Speed- be able to run a 5k in 30 minutes
-          Try a new healthy recipe once a month (I am putting this one back on here and hope I can do it this time)
-          Get new running shoes by June 1st
-          Schedule and accomplish 4 races (either a 5k, 10k, or mud run. I am doing a mud run at the end of March so far)

I think these are all doable and I am proud that I accomplished and exceeded most of my goals last year. 2012 is going to be just as good, if not better, than 2011!