Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Update on the 10k

So I made a decision not to do the Run through Redlands because a more exciting (at least I think so) opportunity presented itself. I received an email from Angels Baseball about their 5k. The race included a shirt, a free ticket to a game, and most importantly, the chance to run on the field! Since I hadn’t signed up for the 10k Run Through Redlands yet, this was perfect. It was like everything was set just right for me to do the Angels run. The only thing was that the Angels run was only a 5k and I still wanted to prove to myself that I could do a 10k.

So on Saturday the 14th, I routed out what the Run Through Redlands would entail and… I ran it. I ran the whole way and I felt really good until about the last mile or so. I started to get tired (and a little bored, I have to say). I decided to run past where the finish line would be and continued home, making the total run about 6.5 miles. The longest run I have done yet! Not to mention, this accomplishes one of my goals for the year. The next day, however, I was having a little pain in my hips. The next Monday I was sick, but feeling antsy at night, so I did some squats. I was starting to really feel my right hip by then. The rest of that week, I took a break from running so that I could be prepared for the 5k on Sunday. All the way up until the race my leg (I discovered the pain wasn’t actually coming from my hip), was still there. I ran through it and as soon as I was done, I knew that maybe running wasn’t the best idea.

I am still in pain and still taking a break. I hope to be back to normal soon, because I really want to focus in on one of my other goals, and that was to do a 5k in 30 minutes. My time on this one was 32.08, which is pretty decent, considering where I started. On April 4th of last year, I had recorded that my fastest 5k was 37 minutes (and some-odd seconds), so I have shaved over 5 minutes off! Keeping my fingers crossed that this recovery time is speedy.

Until then!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Feels Like I am Starting From Scratch

The Run Through Redlands is quickly approaching. I have wanted to do the 10k for the last couple months now, but got side tracked with other obligations and responsibilities (and well, laziness). Now it is about 3 weeks away and I need to get on it. I ran with Kale on Monday for 3 miles and I struggled the whole way. Getting back into running is not easy, but luckily the miles add up fairly quickly. I ran yesterday too and that was more work. With an insane work/school schedule, just finding the energy to expend is difficult enough. Every minute of my day is accounted for and it’s these school quarters where my planner quickly fills up with things to do. Finding the time for exercise is not an option though; I have to keep it a priority like I do with work and school.

In order to “train” for this run, I am going to have Nicholas help me with running 6 miles this Saturday and next Saturday. If I can accomplish it by next Saturday, then I should be good to go on the 22nd  (day of the run). We used to be able to run about 5 miles and if I would have kept on that pace, this would be a piece of cake but we all know that other things get in the way. To be honest, I started doing other exercises besides running and with all my daylight being used at work and school the last couple months, I didn’t try to run in the dark. Instead, I went to the gym and started doing the elliptical and bike (and weights). Running on a treadmill is always a choice but it’s awfully boring. I can only make it a couple miles on the treadmill before I get bored and move on.

I will try not to put too much pressure on myself, because running should still be fun for me and it is, as long as I don’t stress myself out about it. I would like to do this 10k and be able to consistently run 6 miles. In a couple months, once I have that down, I will start on my speedwork for a 5k. This will come in perfect time for the hot weather that is approaching. If I am only running 5ks and working to increase my speed, then I won’t be out in the sun as long. See, it’s a win/win situation!

More to come later (including pictures) about the recent mud run I did.