Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5k training time

So today I was convinced to do a 5k, which will take place at the end of June. I am super excited about this but realize I need to start training a lot harder than I currently am. Tonight, after I got home from class, I went for a quick run to test how far I am able to go right now. I am proud to say that I made it almost a half mile before I felt like my heart was going to be beat out of my chest. A half mile! I thought I was able to do about a third, so I am definitely happy to be able to do more than that. To be fair, I was literally 10 seconds away from making it a full half mile. I am sure that will be remedied within the next week though :) 

My next goal is to be able to run a mile straight by the end of this month. It sounds like it will be difficult, but I think if I make sure to run at least 4 times a week, it will be doable. After all, I need to make it to 3.1 miles in 3.5 months!

I am tired, so I will cut this entry short but will try to post more often once finals are done. 

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