Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Biggest Loser Inspiration

The biggest loser competition has officially started at work and it's pretty amazing to see so many people eating healthy and giving each other advice. Some of us are a little competitive but in a playful, fun way. It's turning out to be a pretty pleasant experience and has kicked my butt back into shape again. I keep getting healthy recipe ideas and putting them into play as much as possible. Some are not so exciting like the plain salad I had today with plain tuna. Something about plain tuna just makes me want to gag. Oh well, some things work and others don't and I never know it until I try it.

As far as my running, my friend and I are still running our loop in Yucaipa and doing a darn good job at it. We ran yesterday and were able to run most of the 2.5 miles that we went (not counting the mile or so that we walk both before and after we start running). Today I did my body pump class and tomorrow, my friend and I are going to try running again. As long as we go about 6:30 or 7, the sun is going down enough that it is nice and cool and makes running more fun for us. I will give myself a break Thursday (since I am starting school) and Friday, because on Saturday...

I have my first mud run! I am nervous but so excited because I was able to go see my friend do one a couple weeks ago and every person who came through the finish line, looked genuinely happy. I will give more details and, of course, pictures after Saturday. Wish me luck!

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