Monday, March 11, 2013

Yay for miles

Since it is spring break for Kale's kids, we get to run in Redlands this week. Not only does that mean I get a little break from driving to Yucaipa, but I get a break from running hills! Today we did amazing and it was one of those runs that just pumped me up and made me have the biggest runner's high. We were able to do 4.75 at 11:30 minute miles. We could have made it to 5, but I think we underestimated the sun today. Since the weather likes to change drastically every week now, we weren't sure how hot it would be today. It wasn't too bad but my mouth was extremely dry and I needed water BAD. After we hit about 3.5 miles, it just continued to get worse. I licked my lips, I cleared my throat, I tried conjuring up any saliva I could, but it just made my mouth even worse. We stopped a little shy of my house, walking the remainder and then downed water as soon as we got inside. 

These (minus the lack of water) are the types of runs I love. When the sun is beating on my shoulders and I am running with ease and can control my breathing, it makes the run so relaxing and wonderful. I know this time will be limited because once it really starts heating up, the dry mouth issue gets bad before I hit even mile one. Kale and I even played with the idea of doing 5am runs this summer. Ask me again in a couple months though. Obviously, easier said than done. 

Wednesday we will try this again and hope to hit the 5 mile mark, which means we are well on our way! April is the RTR (run through Redlands), which I need to sign up for next pay period and I think I will be more than ready for just over 6 miles. 

I guess another big thing I should bring up, is that I am done with school in one week. I am one week away from having my Bachelor's, a degree I worked on for almost 10 years. I should be ecstatic and part of me is, but mostly, I am terrified. I have no idea what's to come but I think I have made up mind (90% sure) that I will not start a Master's program or Master's/credentials program for a year. I think I deserve one year off and, hopefully, I can concentrate on the things that make me truly happy (like running, reading, painting). It will be nice to only have to worry about a full time job and I hope I will be in that mind set in a week, instead of fearing the future. At least I know that I have exercise and other things that I am not afraid of and can continue to improve myself that way. So next time I post, I will be an educated, Bachelor's-holding blogger!

Miles to date: 63.53

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