Wednesday, February 27, 2013

9 seconds

Wednesday the 20th : Since it was rainy, Kale and I skipped our usual run. Instead, I got home, and because I couldn't help it, I went for one quick mile. My mile was 9 seconds shorter than my last! Again, this is only based on one mile, but it still feels good. After that, I headed over to a yoga class at the Yoga Room which is a little over an hour. I definitely got an amazing workout and was sore the next day.

Thursday the 21st: I wanted to try another mile again and since it was starting to get dark after I got home from class, one mile was exactly what I did. Funny thing is, I cut another 9 seconds off that mile! That would make it a 10:38 mile, which isn't amazing but a huge improvement. Since I am starting to get into that freakish, addictive workout mode, I came inside and did my Wii Zumba video.

Friday the 22nd- Today we had a new friend join us on our run and we bumped it up to 3.5 miles. We did great! It felt good to start the weekend off like this and I am confident we are on a good stride right now.

Sunday the 24th- After a weekend of too much food and drinks, I managed to do an afternoon run. The sun felt so good on my shoulders and because Redlands isn't nearly as hilly as Yucaipa, I managed to do 3.6 miles at 11:47 a mile, with plenty of energy left over.

Wednesday the 27th- Today Kale and I bumped it up to 4 miles and it was everything but easy. We tried a route where we went downhill first before going uphill. I think this may have made it more difficult because I was so out of energy and out of breath for about half of it. I should have known it would be difficult because I was tired going into it and I had a kind of off day as far as schedules go. When we finished and I saw we had managed an 11:53 minute mile, I knew we had pushed ourselves harder than I had anticipated. The good thing is that we made it but the scary thing is that we are trying another 4 miles tomorrow. Tomorrow we will tackle that uphill portion first and see how that goes.

Miles to date: 47.28 miles

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