Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Catch me if you can...

Well I found what I can fill a lot of my time with! Working out, some more working out, and then working out after my workout. Ok, I am not really doing that much but man do I feel like I am. I started back at body pump twice a week and have managed to do that for 3 weeks now. Since body pump isn't until 6:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I decided to do the cardio classes before hand on well. On Tuesday, I am doing the step class at 5:30, and Thursdays the kickboxing class at 5:30. So far I really like the step class and will continue that schedule but am still getting used to the kickboxing class. Don't get me wrong, my heart rate goes way up and I feel like I get a good workout but because we don't have punching bags and doing the whole routine on the ground, I feel a bit ridiculous. Maybe I will learn better form as time goes on but right now I look like I am randomly flailing my arms and legs around and, I gotta say, it is NOT cute (but very funny!). 

When I am not doing a structured class, I am still running running running. I made it to 7 miles a couple weeks ago and was on a complete high after. I was seriously giddy the whole day and hadn't been more proud of myself until that moment. In regards to the races I have set up, I completed the Angels 5k at a slower pace than last year but I was still happy with it. I also did the Run Through Redlands in 1:09:24. That was probably one of the most difficult races, if not the most difficult, that I have ever done. The hills in the middle of it are killer. Next up... another 10k but this time in Beaumont. Since this one is supposed to be pretty flat, I expect my time to be a little better. 

Other than working out, I started reading a little. Currently I am in the middle of Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros, which is entertaining and proving to be an easy enough read. The bonus part is that I get to refresh some of my Spanish skills with the small phrases and references she uses. I had a couple friends send me a list of what I have been missing out on and plan to add those to my personal reading list (and, no, not Fifty Shades of Grey :P). Hopefully the coming weeks will allow me to continue doing these things that I love!

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