Monday, February 18, 2013

Hills and Hills and Hills... Oh My!

Saturday's run went really well but it was hard as hell. It was all hill, all the time. Yucaipa is full of them. How you are able to run a circle where it seems you are just going uphill the whole time, is beyond me. It's like an episode of the Twilight Zone or a Shel Silverstein poem. Even with all the hills though, Kale and I were able to finish not only running the entire thing but finishing with about an 11 minute mile, average. I am more than ok with this since we just started again a couple weeks ago. After the run, Nicholas and I went home and had a great day which consisted of relaxing, homework, lunch, bowling, and hanging with friends. I would like to point out on this public blog that I was pretty much a professional at bowling. Ok, maybe not a professional but a 138 score is the best score I have gotten since grade school. Ego boost!

Beyond happy to be done.

Today, Kale and I took advantage of our day off work (yay President's Day!) and woke up early and went on another run. This one started off difficult because 1. I was still sore from hill day; 2. I was even MORE sore because we decided to try and dig up the jungle that is my backyard the day prior; and 3. It was damn early to be getting off on my day off. I got to Kale's house around 8am and we set out on a slightly longer run (trying 3.5 miles this week), along with her brother, Matt. I felt good after I got home as I sat on the couch eating cereal and drinking a very large cup of coffee, feeling all the aches in my thighs. I love the idea of starting my day off with a run and only wish it was something I could do every day. However, since I work at 6am, trying to run before then would require a gallon of coffee and night vision goggles. 

Miles to date: 34.17

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