Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hungover and Tired

Trying to get your butt up and run after a night of drinking is difficult but almost needed more than on a non-hungover day. It helps me push past the icky-ness and feel like a real human again. Nicholas was kind enough to join me this morning and although our run was very slow and kind of short (2.2 miles), it was still a run and I feel a lot better having had done it.

I am looking forward to the weather getting a little warmer and not having these rainstorms every couple weeks. Yesterday was pouring, and even snowing in some neighboring towns. Because of this, I skipped my run and did an hour of Zumba in my living room instead. My Wii reminded me that I hadn't done Zumba since November (thanks, Wii). It's nice to know that even my game systems keep me in check. After doing my ridiculous Zumba moves, I did a 5 minute ab workout. I could feel the workouts I had been doing these past couple weeks on my body by about 6pm last night. This morning, I could feel it even more. Walking up the stairs, I feel the burn in my ass from running and squats. Re-positioning in bed, I can feel the soreness in my arms from the weights I have done. I love it. All of it. I love that the reason I am in pain is because my body is getting stronger and I have done this to myself. I did some weights for my back and arms after our short run this morning, so I am sure to feel that by tonight as well.

On Thursday after class, I had wanted to squeeze in a quick one mile run before eating dinner and getting ready for bed. I did increments of 45 seconds of my standard running pace, followed by 15 seconds of a sprinting pace. It was exhausting, but I managed to do a 10:55 mile! That may not seem that fast, but it is the fastest mile I have done in a very long time and being able to do that only a week back into it, makes me pretty darn proud of myself.

Now I am off to enjoy a beautiful Saturday with my amazing man, visit some family this afternoon, and then spend some time with great friends tonight. Good day, all!

Miles to date: 22.2.

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